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Plymouth's Best Loved Pasty

The Original and the Best

Welcome to Ivor Dewdney®, the home of Plymouth's Best Loved pasty.

Ivor Dewdney® Pasties have a reputation for quality and taste which stretches across the U.K. and abroad.

From Ivor’s original bakery in King St, Plymouth, we now have nine shops.

It’s still a family business and today is run by Ivor’s grandchildren, who are proud to carry on the fine traditions that have made the Ivor Dewdney® pasty special.

Celebrated since 1935...

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Our Pasties

Lovingly made, our pasties remain a handmade product with no artificial additives or ingredients.

Pasties by post

Our handmade pasties as you know and love, but delivered frozen... ready to cook at home.

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A Brief History...

Our pasties are still made by hand in the same way that Ivor did when he first started in 1935.

Since 1935 the Ivor Dewdney® pasty has been famous for its quality and taste.

Ivor Dewdney started this business by making and cooking his own pasties in his mother’s kitchen.

He built up a steady trade and in 1935 he opened his first shop in King St Plymouth.

Many people told Ivor that his venture would never work and that a shop that sold just pasties would never last, over eighty years later and we are still going strong.