Our Pasties

Every single pasty is hand-made and hand-crimped, without using any form of artificial ingredient or additive. We use a high-quality margarine that starts to melt as soon as you bite – and does not leave the after taste or greasy cling of pasties made with ordinary lard.

The Traditional Beef Pasty...

Ivor Dewdney Pasties are filled with nothing but the finest beef and a special blend of seasonings known only to a few.

We believe that thickening and releasing agents used by mass-produced pasties to assist machine handling, detract from taste and texture – we refuse to compromise our standards of quality.

The Vegetable Pasty...

Ivor Dewdney Vegetable Pasties are cooked with fresh vegetables and use a seasoning mix that brings out the full flavour of the pasty.

As with all our products, we use a pastry that has been designed to give you the best taste and texture. Our vegetable pasty is also suitable for vegans so everyone can enjoy the great taste of an Ivor Dewdney pasty.

The Cheese & Onion Pasty...

Ivor Dewdney Cheese and Onion Pasties are filled with mature, highly flavoured cheese to give it a distinctive taste.

Our full flavoured cheese and onion pasties are always a popular alternative for our customers who are vegetarian.